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And miles to go before I sleep: jhuynh: It’s so annoying whenever someone posts “drunk/high/smacked as...



It’s so annoying whenever someone posts “drunk/high/smacked as fuck” on their social network sites. No one cares about how drunk you are, how high you are, or how many pills you popped. You don’t look cool for putting what you do on blast, you actually look dumb as fuck! If you’re…

I honestly agree. There are somethings that are better left unsaid. e____e

I’ve been waiting for someone to say this just so I can finally point out that those who don’t drink or smoke are not the voice of everyone out there. These people act as if it would benefit the larger whole of society if someone didn’t post this status when truth is majority of people out there do either one the other or both. So as much as it offends people in their self righteous and oh so virtuous ways of living when someone posts a status about being messed up, it offends everyone else out there just as much to see someone posting something like this as if their way of living is the right way. Step down from your pedistool no one has the right to judge someone else on their lifestyle choices and which parts they choose to publicize or not.

Healthy Living Tip #3-Make-up to Made-up

Life ain’t all about mini skirts and make up girl, Someday I’d like to see your real beauty shine, easier to shine without that shadow. Maybe through your attitude though. I want to meet the girl hiding behind that cosmetic mask. One of the most beautiful things in life is letting a guy show you his love. But before he can do that, the girl needs to know how to love herself first.

(Diane you are beautiful and this is in no reference to you)

Real Slut Vs. Fake Slut

A fake slut shows themselves off in photo albums where they can be selective about their pictures and filter what comes through their tagged photos while a real slut is too lazy to do that, so she goes out and let’s her sluttness be exposed publicly. All her photos can be found in her tagged photos.

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